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Dabwoods Carts – Dabwoods Cartridges -Dabwoods

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Dabwoods Cartridges

This indica strain originates from Barney’s Farm in Amsterdam. And secured second place generally speaking at the 2009 High Times Cannabis Cup for the coffeehouse and seed organization. Reproduced from Afghan and Kashmir strains. This Kush excellence is a blessing to the faculties with her notes of vanilla, lavender, and a trace of citrus. Plants blossom in about two months and produce huge, delicate blooms . That are light green with traces of orange.Tastes astonishing, hits entirely speedy and has a touch of creeper influence on the rear. Certainly a touch on the substantial side so I suggest utilizing at night. When you have those extremely extraordinary on edge minutes. Is a smooth high and doesn’t make you “inept”.

Dabwoods Carts

“This is a delightful and solid, generally indica kush. My medications were develop in B.C. I vaporise a small quantity of vanilla  and I was rapidly hit with an amazing body buzz and a glad/perceptive high. I discovered this strain very unwinding.  The option to get great help with discomfort without excessively solid of a head high. To rate the power a 8.5/10, the general strain I would give at any rate a 9.”Vanilla  is known for its capacity to furnish patients with relief from discomfort and help battle uneasiness.” Vanilla  has an unpretentious, welcoming smell looking like most different strains (overwhelmingly piney) blended with some vanilla dessert. The smoke is thick and smooth, yet covers your throat and is too smooth.


The deferred impacts from Vanilla are somewhat of a knockout, however it’s nothing you can’t survive on the off chance that you have motivation to. Obviously, on the off chance that you are searching for a strain that is useful for engaging a sleeping disorder and giving tranquilizer, Vanilla might be the strain for you. In spite of the fact that it isn’t overwhelmingly vanilla enhance, the name of this strain bodes well the more you smoke it. Unquestionably prescribe moving this up in certain papers to get the full experience.The smoke session is relaxing.flavorful, and quiet. An extraordinary drug for loosen up your body and brain all the while. This is a center strain without a doubt, superbly appropriate for those events when you have some work to do yet need to sedate.


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