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Seek no more for moonrockscartsandbudsshop is finally here. To give to you the best of Strawberry Dabwoods and other 1 match cartridges.

Dabwoods Carts

An indica predominant strain that produces very minimal, light green buds because of it’s famous and well-chosen parent strains. The perplexing taste of this strain is best depicts as gassy and fiery with a trace of strawberry.Strawberry Dabwoods is a sativa predominant cross breed strain of obscure hereditary qualities because of reproducer mystery.   Strawberry buds have medium to huge uneven and thick popcorn-formed. Dull olive green nugs with light golden hairs and a thick layer of.  Strawberry Dabwoods is a sativa overwhelming half and half strain of obscure hereditary qualities because of reproducer mystery.

1 Match Cartridges

Strawberry Glue is an exceptionally powerful and resinous indica .Predominant cross breed that produces incredibly conservative and light green buds.It Cough figures out how to walk the scarcely discernible difference among empowering . And quieting, making it simple to chat without inclination excessively paranoid.Strawberry Cough is a perfect strain for patients who need prompt relief from discomfort. This present strain’s THC and CBD substance is the thing that delivers the pain relieving impacts, and the nearness of THCV guarantees that patients won’t need to stand by long for the drug to kick in.

Another champion trademark for Strawberry Cough is its uncommonly high CBN levels. The tremendous measure of CBN attempts to help decrease muscle irritation, however it likewise gives Strawberry Cough a soothing quality that most sativa-overwhelming strains don’t have. By and by, patients can securely cure with Strawberry Cough during the day without having the inclination to nod off quickly a short time later.


It is uncalled for to categorize Strawberry Cough as only a wistful strain strengthen by nostalgic impacts. However, in such a case that it’s develope and relief accurately. It’s one of the most flavorful strains out there.

Sadly, it’s very frequently disregards, which shows exactly how ruined we’ve progress toward becoming.

More current heavyweights like Ghost Train Haze, Gorilla Glue and a lot of crap strains with phony names. Have cause  everyone’s attention from this exemplary sativa-predominant stalwart. Yet an open container of Strawberry Cough can even now make the sides of your mouth water.


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